Sometimes it is necessary to remove and replace only a small section of your asphalt. This could be due to a pothole that develops or some other utility work that requires only a small section of your asphalt might require replacement.

Removal and Replacement, or Asphalt Patching, is used for more localized deterioration, especially when the underlying base has been affected.  The damaged areas are squared off, saw cut, and excavated to a depth from two inches to two feet depending on the subsurface conditions.  New aggregate is then added, if required, and compacted in preparation for the new asphalt surface.  Finally, hot-mixed asphalt is placed over this layer and compacted.  Any raveled surfaces (surfaces in which the aggregate is coming loose) are then smoothed out and re-striping can be done, if needed.  Sanchez Paving also recommends treating the entire surface with a seal coat to restore the original look of the area and further protect it.

Asphalt Patching.jpg