Parking lot striping is one of the simplest yet important services Sanchez Paving provides.  Clearly marked stalls, handicap spaces, and directional arrows, all make for a more efficient and problem-free parking lot.  They are a critical element in maximizing parking lot space and smoothing the flow of lot traffic.  Ensuring that the striping is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act also lowers owner liability.

At Sanchez Paving we begin by making sure that the surface on which the markings will be placed is free of moisture, dust and debris.  The presence of any of these will cause the paint to lose its adhesive properties prematurely and flake.  The paint is then applied with particular attention paid to both the thickness of the paint and the width of the stripe so that precise and uniform lines result.  Sanchez Paving utilizes airless striping equipment, providing crisp, clean edges on our lines and reducing waste and pollution from overspray.

Parking Lot Striping 1.jpg
Parking Lot Striping 2.jpg
Parking Lot Striping 3.jpg