Sanchez Paving has become one of the leading companies in construction of new ADA Compliant playgrounds and Turf Fields in Chicago.  Working alongside the manufacturers of both the Playground Equipment as well as both the Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing and Field Turf Systems, We have completed dozens of playgrounds throughout Chicago.

For the playground below we performed:

-         Complete Site demolition of previous playground equipment

-         Excavation of Existing Asphalt Parking Lot and Base Course to proper levels

-         Installation of all Site Drainage and Connection to City of Chicago Storm Drains

-         Installation of all Concrete Curbs around New Playfield and Playground

-         Construction of New Playground

-         All Drainage and Site preparation for placement of Poured in Place Rubber Play Surface in Playground.  (Rubber Surface installed by Manufacturer)

-         All Drainage and Site preparation for placement of Artificial Field Turf.(Field Turf installed by Manufacturer)

-         All Asphalt Paving on Site.

Playground Installation 1.jpg
Playground Installation 2.jpg